The Verification System

Validation made easy using a government ID and a selfie

Database Verification

Databases are scanned to meet compliance laws. This is accomplished by searching for the individual in major databases.

ID Proofed

ID documents are scanned for authenticity

Facial Recogniton

AI-powered facial recognition technology identifies and matches users to their scanned ID.

Validated Data

Relevant data is scanned to determine if it's accurate and valid.

Advantages of Identity Verfication

Meet Compliance Mandates

Stay on top of compliance with a platform that is KYC, AML, and GDPR compliant.

Find Legitimate Customers

Facial recognition and other important ID data is quickly scanned, assessed, and processed.

Simplify Customer Onboarding

Improve your customer onboarding processes with our seamless security features.

Reduce Operating Costs

Lower your operating costs by automating manual processes through our AI-powered identify verification platform.

Catch Fake IDs

OkVerify provides an intuitive and efficient experience when it comes to spotting fake IDs.

Omnichannel Verification

OkVerify is easy to integrate. Simply embed it into your existing workflow. Our platform is supported on iOS, Android, API, SDK, webcams, and more.

How Identity Verification works



Similarity Check

The OkVerify platform compares a user submitted selfie to the ID they submitted.



Validity Check

The system then checks if the selfie is real. It does this by checking to see if it was cropped from the ID itself, that it isn't a re-scan of a previous picture or video, through age detection, and other detailed security checks.


Identity Confirmation

Once the identity of a user is verified, they will be allowed to proceed with their initial signup or transaction.

*Please compare our service to your industry specific KYC/AML requirements


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